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-Scott Gibson is killed in an alley during a protest. On his way to the scene, Jane spots Henry Tibbs and is suspicious. When Cho and Van Pelt stop Henry they find a loaded gun in his jacket.

-Tibbs has a legal carry permit. They let him go but follow him. Jane believes Tibbs has a plan to harm someone. The new boss, Luther Wainwright, gives Jane 24 hours to prove it.

-Jane sets up Wainwright to be the trigger that pushes Tibbs into becoming violent. Tibbs pulls a weapon at the mayor's charity event but Lisbon had replaced the bullets with blanks. Tibbs is arrested.

-Wainwright is concerned that Jane's behavior makes him a clinical psychopath.

-Lisbon finds Willy, a homeless man who confesses to Gibson's death but she believes he's lying. Gibson was a jazz musician and Lisbon was a fan of his while in college.  She believes he's confessing simply to have a roof over his head.

-Gibson was a photographer. Lisbon tracks down his camera in a pawn shop. It has pictures of his murderer, another homeless man he was photographing.  The DA offers Willy 90 days in jail for taking the dead man's property.  Lisbon says that will keep him off the street throughout the winter and he'll have shelter after that.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Do you always go job hunting with a loaded gun?


it's only the mayor's life at stake. Forget I spoke.