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-Archer Braddock is found dead by a tiger who got loose from a reserve. He had stage 4 bone cancer but someone smothered him.

-Braddock's new wife also has cancer and he was estranged from his son. He was also in a drug trial and taking a new age tea in the hopes of a cure.

-Jane helps prove that Braddock's wife was faking cancer in order to bond with him and collect on his estate. Lisbon charges her with fraud so that she won't collect a penny.

-Turns out that the nurse was taking bribes to let people into the drug trial. Braddock's alcoholism gave him a damaged liver which couldn't handle the drug. She was afraid if he died of cancer an autopsy would have caught the oversight and started an investigation that would have led to her. She killed him to cover her tracks.

-Cho is late for work when Summer turns off his alarm so he can get more sleep. He later takes pain pills while on the job and falls asleep on a stakeout which almost gets Rigsby killed. 

-Later Cho almost confesses all to Lisbon but then backs out. He throws all of his pills down the drain.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Who wears hemp other than rich men and medieval peasants?


Don't fret. Rich dead men don't go unclaimed for very long.