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-Six months after Jane leaves the CBI, he meets Lorelei a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas.  She bails him out after he is arrested for fraud and the two sleep together.

-The next morning Lorelei tells Jane that Red John sent her. He wants to offer Jane a new life as his disciple but it comes at a price. He has to kill Agent Lisbon and bring Red John her body as a gift.

-Jane finds Lisbon and tells him this has all been a long term con to take down Red John. She's furious for being kept in the dark and made to worry about Jane but she agrees to help.

-Jane enters the CBI and appears to kill both Rigsby and Lisbon and takes her body.  The team then hides Rigsby and Lisbon and waits for Red John to call.

-Agent Darcy grows suspicious and figures out the body in the morgue is not Rigsby. As Jane approaches a limo that may hold Red John, Darcy arrests the rest of the CBI team before they can swoop in.

-Red John taunts Patrick from the back of the limo. Then he lets him go telling Lorelei and his driver to remove two of Jane's fingers.  Before that can happen the CBI and FBI arrive.

-The limo flees but the teams open fire and stop it.  The driver is dead. Lorelei is alive and in the back seat is Agent Wainwright,  dead. He was duct taped and gagged with a cell phone strapped to him through which Red John had talked to Jane.

-Back at the CBI, Jane swears to Lorelei that he will break her and she will tell him everything she knows about Red John.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Stuff just happens, that's all. Just one damn thing after another.


Lorelei: So you're not magician?
Patrick: No. I'm a con man. I steal from people.