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-Ernie,the assistant manager is murdered during a bank robbery. The CBI gains jurisdiction but must share information with the FBI.

-John Hutton is a suspect but the CBI doesn't have enough evidence to arrest him.  Jane realizes someone hid something in a safe deposit box during the robbery.  He calls all of the employees in and cons Nancy, Ernie's fiance into revealing which box she hid the gun.

-When the bank robbers left, Nancy shot Ernie.  She read his e-mails and knew he was the inside man involved in the robbery and that he was going to leave her afterwards and fly to Brazil. She decided he deserved to die.

-Upon seeing the e-mails, the CBI also arrests John Hutton for the robbery.

-An FBI agent invites Lisbon to a poker game and she accepts.  The game includes the DA, a state senator, and Director Bertram.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Just for future reference, that large mirror is in fact a window.


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