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The human trafficking and organ harvesting ring leads back a man named Michael Ridley but there's no evidence to pin on him until they arrest the former doctor, Alexander Lark. When Lark commits suicide in his cell after Ridley's henchman threatens his daughter, they have nothing to hold him on.

Jane pulls Lisbon into an elaborate con where they make Ridley think they've killed his hitman and are about to murder him so he gives them his laptop password. Later, both Jane and Lisbon lie to Abbott about the scheme and Ridley is arrested.

Cho has the FBI meet cargo ships in several countries. Amy Walker is found on a ship entering Columbia with many other girls. She is later reunited with her sister back in Texas.

Pike arranges for a job for Lisbon in D.C. and she accepts. Then he asks her to marry him. She says she needs time to think but she can't bring herself to tell Jane about the move or the proposal. 

The Mentalist
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