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-Titus Stone is killed in his car by a drone. The team investigates. Stone was upset because flaw in the design led to an accident overseas that killed civilians. He confessed to colleague and secret crush Kris McKenna that he couldn't live with the guilt.


-Jane tricks her into confessing that she subtly pushed him to find his peace and then destroyed his suicide note after he sent the drone out to blow up his own car with him inside.


-Sacramento PD find Partridge dead and Lisbon unconscious and her face painted with his blood. Jane scrambles to wipe away Red John's marks from her face in the ambulance.


-Red John taxed her but didn't kill her.  Later, Haffner comes to visit Teresa in the hospital and promises her they'll have more time to finish things later.


-Jane interrupts a meeting between Bertram, Reed, and McAllister that is supposedly about a narcotics joint task force but after he leaves, Reed asks Bertram how much Jane knows.


-Jane tries to track down his former psychiatrist Sophie Miller only to find that Red John has killed her and left her head in her oven. Jane figures out that Sophie saw Red John as a patient under a false name but the files are missing. Jane manages to track down her recording of her notes on that session.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Lisbon: You were right about the phone traces. Red John hooked me like a fish.
Jane: Well, at least he threw you back.

He took Partridge's blood, put it on your face, made his mark.