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FBI Agent Abbot tries to intimidate the former CBI team into revealing Jane's whereabouts but they tell him nothing. They are even arrested after holding an FBI team at gunpoint to allow Jane to meet Red John.

Bertram contacts Patrick and they agree to meet in the church of the cemetery where Jane's wife and child are buried. At the church, Bertram says he's not Red John but plans to kill Patrick. Bertram is shocked when his partner, Det. Cordero shoots and kills him instead.

Sheriff Tom McAllister comes out of the shadows. He is Red John. In Malibu he used a concussion grenade to knock everyone out, then pulled a spare body out of his car and set off the real explosion. He'd had Partridge change his DNA profile years before.

McAllister runs The Blake Association. He wants to continue to toy with Jane by answering his questions but Jane's had enough. He pulls a hidden pigeon to stagger McAllister backwards, then pulls a hidden gun from a pew and shoots him.

A woman enters the church and tries to stop Jane. She is one of Red John's minions and has a knife. Jane fights her off but Red John manages to run off. 

Jane gives chase and eventually finds Red John on the ground in a park. He makes RJ says he's sorry for killing his family and admit that he's afraid to die. Then Jane strangles him to death with his bare hands.

Jane leaves Teresa a cell phone message saying it's done and that he's going to miss her. 

The Mentalist
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