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-Lisbon wants to tell the team about the list of 7 suspects. Jane insists they keep it quiet. 


-When one of Jane's plans goes awry and a Sacramento police officer is shot, Bertram sends them out of town on a case.


-Lisbon secretly calls Grace and tells her about the 7 Red John suspects. She has them put GPS tracers on their phones and makes her promise to tell no one. She tells Rigsby, who tells Cho.


-The moment the rest of the team arrive on the scene of the murder, Jane can tell Lisbon told Grace and that the whole team knows. Jane and Lisbon argue and she storms off, heading back to CBI.


-Jane and the team solve the mystery of the skeleton on the beach. It wasn't his family or his business partner. It was the people at the diner who killed him for his money and for hitting on the waitress.


-Lisbon gets called to a distress call. The Sacramento police haven't shown up yet, perhaps because they're angry about their officer being shot. Lisbon hears a noise and enters the abandoned house without backup.


-She finds Bret Partridge bound and bleeding. He says, "Tiger, Tiger" before Lisbon is grabbed from behind.


-Jane is relieved to get a call from Lisbon's cell phone, until he hears Red John's voice on the other end of the line telling him she can't come to the phone. 


-Teresa lies unconscious, her face being painted with blood.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm trying to work here and you're staring at me like I have two heads.


Jane: It's a trick.
Lisbon: A trick how?
Jane: I don't know.