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-Larry Kincaid is found dead in a pond in Napa. The CBI takes the case so that Jane can gain more access to Sheriff McAllister. 


-Larry was a wedding guest in Napa and Jane's interference has the bride calling off the wedding. Later Grace convinces her to call the wedding back on.


-The CBI changes it's policy on interoffice relationships. When Jane needs a distraction at the couples wedding reception, Rigsby proposes to Grace. She accepts.


-Charlie another wedding guest is caught trying to steal an expensive antique bible from the church. The first time he tried, Larry interrupted him and Charlie killed him.


-Charlie takes Jane hostage as he tries to get away and drags him up to the roof. Sheriff McAllister climbs up and saves Jane, dispelling the theory that he has a fear of heights, as Sophie's patient notes say Red John has.


-Wayne and Grace get married at the courthouse with Cho, Lisbon and Jane looking on. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Lisbon: Hey Jane. Care to offer your opinion?
Jane: These ducks love muffins.
Lisbon: Very helpful.

Rigsby: Was I snoring again?
Grace: I thought it was a low flying jet.