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US Attorney Julie Sandoval arrives to tell Teresa that her brother Jimmy has a warrant out for his arrest. He's a material witness in a the beating death of Nathan Barnes, the son of a judge. Jimmy fled so they're arresting him. Jane and Lisbon head out to find him at her parents old house in Chicago. Teresa hasn't been there since her Dad died.

Jane is accosted in Lisbon's old bedroom by a man who is definitely not her brother. The man escapes out the window. Jane gives Wiley a detailed description to help find him.

They visit Lisbon's brother Stan who doesn't know where Jimmy is and gives Teresa flack about no committing to come to his baby's christening on Saturday. They finally find Jimmy through one of his friends and Jane convinces him to come back to Texas with them. 

Jane and Lisbon manage to get into the poker game that Jimmy and the victim were in. Vega and Wiley manage to set up cameras in the penthouse suite before the game. 

Teresa gets a phone call that Stan was beaten up back home. He owes over $30,000 to a loan shark. That's who assaulted Jane in Lisbon's parent's house. Jimmy was covering for him. Teresa feels as though her brothers hate her. Jane explains that they simply miss her.

During the poker game, Teresa plays amateur psychic which allows Wiley and Vega to spot the players tells on camera. They spot their killer, Charlie McGuiness and when Jane convinces the mob boss running the game that McGuiness was cheating, Charlie agrees to turn himself in. He beat Nathan to death because he thought he had slept with his fiancee. The irony is that he hadn't. He had simply borrowed the wrong shirt.

Later, Jane and Lisbon attend the family party with Lisbon's brothers. Lisbon finally tells Jane that she loves him. 


The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Patrick Jane: You know I could come with you if you wanted me to.
Teresa Lisbon: That wouldn't be any fun for you.
Patrick Jane: Fun's overrated.

Cho: S'mores are better in a microwave. It's true.
Jane: Well, I don't even know what to say to that.