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Marie Flannagan is arrested as she helps her boyfriend Cole Foster steal high-end luxury cars. Marie won't give up Cole's whereabouts and goes to jail instead. 

The CIA suspects that Cole's contacts overseas are also involved with terrorism so they send Lisbon in undercover to be Marie's cellmate in the hopes she can learn where to find Cole.

After the FBI finds the warehouse where the cars are held but still can't find Cole, Jane decides that Lisbon should help Marie break out of jail in order to find Cole.

The breakout goes off without a hitch but Marie's getaway driver loses the FBI tail in a parking garage. When they do meet up with Cole, he shoots and kills a gas station attendant before Theresa can stop him. There's nothing she can do but go along for the ride and hope the FBI catches up.

Jane and Agent Vega get to the gas station and Jane deciphers Lisbon's clues but when Vega won't break protocol, he steals her car and leaves a trail with water bottles in the hopes of finding Lisbon.

Jane arrives at the scene just as Cole grows suspicious of Lisbon and decides to shoot her. Jane interrupts and claims the FBI is with him but they see through his con and are about to shoot them both when Abbott and his team show up to save them.

Cole is willing to let Marie go down for murder with him but decides to give over his contacts when faced with the death penally.

Agent Vega tells Cho she'd like to learn from him. He says he'll think about it. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Promise me you'll wear the flip flops when you shower. Hear me out. A, you look less attractive which should be considered and B. the floor is a petri dish.


Don't tell a whole lot of little lies, just one big lie is enough and everything else just stays the same.