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Jane meets Colonel Raymond at a training exercise.  The Colonel's wife was murdered 8 months ago and another man was charged with the crime but Jane believes Raymond may have committed the murder. Abbott lets he and the team reopen the case, off the books. 

Jane and Lisbon visit the crime scene and realize that another person was involved, most likely a woman. When Jane realizes that the African art in the Colonel's office was no where to be found in the photos of his home before the murder, he suspects it's from a girlfriend.

They send Wiley into the Colonel's office undercover and he finds the girlfriend, Denise Cortez. When Jane realizes that the Colonel had Denise dress in disguise to make it look as though his wife was in the car, Wiley and Vega drive the route and Wiley's finds a scrap of the clothing on a homeless person's tent. 

When the Colonel realizes that the FBI is investigating him but doesn't have enough evidence to arrest him, Abbott tells them that they'd need a confession to get a prosecutor to arrest the Colonel. 

Jane and Lisbon trick Col. Raymond and Denise into thinking that he has the DNA evidence that could prove at least one of them was involved in the murder. They two turn on one another, each telling a story where the other stabbed his wife.

Lisbon asks Jane if he's still thinking about quitting the FBI. He mentions all of the other things they could do but Lisbon points out that he's miss the mental stimulation he gets from investigation crimes for the FBI.

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