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Nathan is hosting a Mom Moved Out Party and an attractive woman is hitting on him. She wants to know whether to call him Nate or Nathan during sex. She starts singing to him and suddenly turns into Carol. It's a dream. He tells her to stop coddling him. 

Debbie is sick, so Adam has to handle the cafe by himself. Nathan is excited because he is interviewing Metta World Peace about his new children's book. After Adam leaves, Debbie reveals she's faking her illness. She has been working as a substitute teacher to earn extra money. Nathan asks if he can have Metta World Peace read to her students.

Nathan and Ray are reading Metta's book when Carol knocks. They hide but she breaks down the door. She was worried because there was a fire truck outside the building. Nathan tells his Mom that they need some distance and to stop waking him up in the morning.

The next morning, he oversleeps and is running late for his interview with Metta World Peace. A young girl ahead of him at the gas station can't decide which lollipop she wants, so Nathan yells at her and buys her all the lollipops to get her out of his way. She is Metta World Peace's daughter.

Nathan is worried about Metta World Peace and his daughter recognizing him. They do and Metta gets in his face. Nathan picks up one of Debbie's students to act as a shield as Metta confronts him.

The video goes viral and Nathan is humiliated. Carol wants to get revenge of Metta on Nathan's behalf. He tells her that he can handle his own problems. 

Debbie and Adam agree to close the cafe. Nathan comes home to find Metta on his sofa. Carol invited Metta along with his Mom to Nathan's home, so they could fix the situation. Metta and Nathan bond over having dominant, overbearing Moms. They came up with a plan to fix the situation. They tell everyone it was a staged prank. Nathan admits he occasionally needs his Mom's help.



The Millers
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