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Carol and Nathan look at a nice apartment, and Nathan mentions that it's a bit expensive for her. She agrees and thanks him for looking out for her. They leave the apartment and go next door ... to Nathan's apartment! Whew! Nathan breaths a sigh of relief. Mom is not moving next door.

Debbie asks her Mom how the apartment hunting is going. Carol says she's still looking and Nathan created a list for her. All the apartments are close to Debbie's home. 

Their Dad has apparently been having regular overnight guests. His latest conquest is from Shrugging Pines, which is only 4 blocks from Debbie's home.

Kip, the Admissions Director at Shrugging Pines, and Carol hit it off right away. Nathan asks how quickly his Mom could move in, but Kip says there are nine people on the waiting list. 

Carol tells Nathan if he had flirted with Kip, she would have been able to move out. Ray hints that Nathan must not want his Mom to move out or he'd flirt with Kip to get her out of his home. 

Nathan goes to see Kip, wearing a muscle shirt, to drop off his Mom's application. Kip isn't impressed and says he is more of an Anderson Cooper guy. However, his ex would be jealous if he saw Nathan flirting with him and Nathan agrees to a fake date in return for his Mom moving into Shrugging Pines.

Leon is surprised to learn that Kip has a new boyfriend. Kip says they had to keep it under wraps because his boyfriend is famous. Leon freaks when Nathan comes down the stairs.

Nathan says they have been together every day, but Leon asks about the two days when Kip is at reserves. Nathan is worried the ruse is not working. Ray tells him to commit.  So he gives Kip at big kiss. But Kip freaks out.

Leon accuses Kip of being a monster. Carol asks Kip if he's just going to take that from Leon. Kip tells Leon off in pig latin and grabs Pugsly away from him. 

Carol is moving out and thanks Nathan for all his efforts to get her into Shrugging Pines. She apologizes for not moving there and walks into her apartment, which is ... right next door. Carol and Kip are going to be roomies and neighbors to Nathan. 

Nathan walks out of their apartment. He lights a match, then blows it out. 



The Millers
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