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The family is toasting the close of Adam and Debbie's business, the Whispering Frog. They concede it wasn't the best idea, but Adam has a great new idea: The Whispering Frog Food Truck. Carol, Tom and Nathan are not impressed.

Nathan and Ray are at a bar. Ray wonders why Nathan can't ever be his wingman. Nathan attempts to woo the waitress for Ray but ends up flirting with her instead.

Debbie shows Carol the truck they want to buy. Carol tells her it's a bad idea. Eventually Debbie concedes her Mom is right.

Nathan asks Carol and Kip if he is a narcissist. Carol says no as she wildly flatters him while Kip says yes. After Nathan follows his reflection in a spoon, he finally admits he needs help.

Debbie tells Adam that she is interviewing for a full-time position. He is upset. Her interview isn't going well when Adam bursts in, pretending to be a candidate. Debbie gets him to leave, which impresses the manager since dealing with crazy people is half the job. She's hired!

Kip helps Nathan become less narcissistic. Eventually, Nathan admits he talks about himself because he's worried no one else well. He throws out all the stuff with his face on it and realizes that Ray made all of it for him while he did nothing in return. He decides to make Ray a pictorial calendar.

Carol congratulates Debbie on getting the job. Adam is still pouting, Mikayla comes home with Caitlyn, the bully. But now they are friends. Adam admits that he was in plan all along. Debbie tells him he is still needed.

Ray finds Nathan and Kip in his home, looking for pictures. Nathan apologizes for being a selfish friend and promises to be a better wingman. Ray assures Nathan that he doesn't need a wingman. The waitress pops out from the bedroom. Nathan leaves and glances in the mirror, saying "best wingman ever".


The Millers
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