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When Cliff suggests a romantic weekend in the mountains, Mindy is worried about Cliff seeing her body in the hot tub. She initially enlists the help of Morgan but after their training session fails miserably, she asks Danny to train her. Jeremy takes a sick day and puts Peter in charge. Peter quickly learns managing the practice is not as easy as he thought. Things get even more out of whack when a owl flies into the office. Frustrated, Peter visits Jeremy who isn't sick after all. Jeremy tells Peter he needs to get tough with his coworkers or he'll never have their respect. At the gym, Danny struggles to find a way to motivate Mindy. Relying on her love of celebrities, he finally gets Mindy to workout. Mindy walks into the steam room naked not realizing it is coed and surprises Danny. Danny gives her his towel but after Mindy drops it the two get a good look at each other. Back at the office things are tense between the two until Danny tells Mindy she should be happy with her body the way it is. Jeremy returns to work and Peter gives him his full support.

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Mindy: Guys over the holiday I had five hams and a goose. Like, I am a wolf in a children's story. And guess what? Cliff's gonna have to see me in my bathing suit soon.
Danny: Just get one with a skirt, like the moms at the pool.

Peter: Cliff hasn't seen you naked? I thought he was gettin up in them guts?
Mindy: Oh he is. UTI level gettin up in them guts.