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Mindy and the gang head to Los Angeles for a medical conference. While packing for her trip, Cliff tells Mindy that he has to move out of his apartment. She suggests he move in with her. Cliff tells her he will think about it. Once in L.A. Mindy and Peter go shopping where they run into Casey who is not the owner of a successful sneaker store. Mindy tells Cliff about the run in, but promises not to have dinner with him. Morgan checks Danny out of his hotel room and convinces him to go to Universal Studios with him. While there Morgan tells Danny that he set up a dinner with Danny's dad for the next night. Danny is furious with Morgan but ends up calling his father. After Peter crashes Maria Menounos's show he convinces Mindy to attend a pool party Casey told them about earlier. Mindy tries to avoid Casey while at the party but ends up in the pool with him. After Danny left Morgan behind, he shows up to the party to get Peter's room key and ends up getting them both kicked out and Peter misses his chance to party with Jerry Ferrara. Mindy gets back to her room and calls Cliff to tell him she didn't mean to pressure him about moving in. Cliff says he was prepared to do it anyway, until he saw pictures on Mindy with Casey online. He breaks up with Mindy over the phone.

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

What's Entourage?


Cliff: Do you really need to tan?
Mindy: Babe this is the palest I've ever been. I'm basically a white person. Yesterday I caught myself watching lacrosse, and I liked it.