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-Mindy meets an attractive lawyer, when she trips on some of his mail at the start of this week's Mindy Project. Mindy struggles to get over her feelings for Casey. When Morgan tells Mindy about all his exes finding Mr. Right after breaking up with him, Mindy suggests they date to help her get over Casey. Peter makes Danny uncomfortable and wants the new doctor fired, but Jeremy decides to give him a second chance. Peter then suggests the senior doctors treat him like a pledge. Morgan sues Mindy for sexual harassment but agrees to drop the case if she goes on one date with him. Mindy reluctantly agrees, but actually finds relief from her sadness when he takes her to a special place. 

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Is this anybodies sandwich? Because I've eaten half of it and I don't like it.

Peter Prentice

Morgan: Do you remember my ex girlfriend Vicky?
Mindy: No.
Morgan: Ok, well anyway, she just got engaged to an engineer and not the choo-choo kind, the rich kind.