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Jeremy doesn't want everyone to leave the office for Peter's wedding. Peter shows up at the office to surprise everyone. Peter is in the need for a new best friend and asks Mindy. 

Mindy invites Danny to a going away party for her parents who are moving.Danny is nervous about meeting her parents for the first time. Danny plans to meet her in Boston. Peter wonders why Jeremy is not going to the wedding and is sad that he is not going. 

Mindy is upset when Danny can not make it and makes excuses for not showing up. 

When Mindy returns to New York, Danny apologizes for not going to the party and tries to make it up to her. Unfortunately, Mindy lets it slip to Peter, after Danny leaves, that they don't know Danny exists. 

They only think that Danny is her co-worker. Mindy thinks that Danny does not want to commit to Mindy.

Morgan has Tamra help him convince Peter to be the best man. Morgan overhears Mindy tell Peter about her lie to her parents and thinks that the father is an ex of Mindy's.

Peter introduces Mindy to a doctor since he now lives in Texas. The doctor tells Mindy that her blood pressure is high and can't be Peter's best man.

Mindy and Danny pay a visit to Annette and she discovers that she is throwing a baby shower. Annette tries to surprise Mindy with a video chat with her parents, but Morgan barges in declaring their relationship a lie since he thinks Danny is not the father. All of Mindy's exes show up and Morgan thinks one of them is the father. 

Mindy tells Danny about her lie to her parents and he does not take it well. Mindy confronts him about his need to not meet her parents. Danny tells Mindy that he doesn't know if he wants to get married. When Danny tells her it is because of his first marriage, Mindy gets upset about the lack of commitment for her and leaves.

Annette feels bad about how her failed marriage affected Danny and tries to convince him that Mindy is the right one. Danny leaves for Austin for Peter's wedding and Mindy sends an email telling her parents the truth about Danny. 

At the wedding, Morgan tells Mindy that Jeremy is now the best man for Peter. Morgan also tells Mindy that Danny never showed up. He flies to India to meet Mindy's parents.

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Whatever you do, do not talk to any white people. In Boston, they are the dangerous ones.


Doctor: Peter is my favorite Jew.
Mindy: He's my favorite Jew as well.