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On a movie date night, Danny waits for Mindy, who is lying about her tardiness. When she finally arrives, they miss the movie and Danny begins noticing just how often Mindy is late. In his attempt to prove how late Mindy can be, Danny leaves her before she arrives and Mindy retaliates by making turning his watch back to make him late. 

After Danny makes the new doctor, Dr. Fishman (Niecy Nash), think he is mentally unstable, she asks Danny to see a mental health professional, who just so happens to be Mindy's ex, Brendan, the mid-wife. At a group meeting, Brendan tries to get Danny to open up about any issues. Eventually, Brendan gets Danny to say that his issue with Mindy's tardiness reminds him of his father abandonment issues. 

While Danny is at his session, he has Mindy run errands with his mother and realizes how being late can cause chaos to others people's lives. Mindy eventually apologizes to Danny for her chronic lateness and tries to promise to do better.

Since Peter is single, Tamra decides to set him up with a friend, Abby (Allison Tolman), a romance novelist. When they meet, Peter had different expectations and leaves the date prematurely. Tamra gets furious at Peter and makes him apologize at a book signing. While waiting, Peter falls in love with Abby's book, but she is still mad. Peter makes a final gesture by writing a story, like Abby's. She forgives him and plan for another date. 

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Mindy: I'm not late. It's 9:18, which is practically 9:15, which is basicall 9. Danny, if anything, I'm early.

Mindy: How could anyone want to see this movie [The Godfather: Part II]? I've never even heard of it.