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Danny goes to confession. As he confesses that he and Mindy are having a baby out of wedlock and other sins, his priest dies in the middle of his confession.

At the office, Jeremy gathers everyone for a meeting. Mindy shares that she is having a boy. Jeremy also shares that he is holding a one man show about his life in America and wants everyone to attend.

Danny feels like he killed his priest. He asks Mindy to go to church with him so he can meet the new priest he'll give confession to. At the funeral, Mindy finds the new priest attractive. The new priest, Fr. Michael has a past with drug, sex, and rock-n-roll. It led him to become a priest and is now very strict in his ways.

Danny thinks he needs a new church, but is stopped by Father Michael. Fr. Michael is someone from Danny's childhood. Danny lies about the pregnancy and says that Mindy is also Catholic. When Danny visits his mom, he wants to tell her to switch parishes. Annette thinks Danny is ashamed of his sins.

Morgan helps Jeremy with his one-man show and he is not good. Mindy goes to him for help. Jeremy thinks it is because of the priest that she is unable to connect with him. So Mindy decides to befriend him so Danny isn't embarrassed by her. When Mindy contacts Fr. Michael, she finds out that Danny told him she was Catholic.

Danny quizzes Mindy on Catholic knowledge to convince Fr. Michael. Mindy calls Morgan to be backup for giving her answers to any questions she has about Catholicism. At Jeremy's show, Morgan multi-tasks helping Jeremy and Mindy and abandons him for Mindy as Jeremy begins forgetting his lines. As he leaves, Morgan causes a fire and ruins Jeremy's play. Mindy is impressing Fr. Michael, but when he goes to the bathroom she realizes she left condoms in the bathroom and goes to try and retrieve them so he doesn't notice.

Mindy succeeds in getting the condoms out of the bathroom without him noticing. Fr. Michael ends up staying to play board games with them. Fr. Michael thinks that rumors of a sex-maniac girlfriend is someone other than Mindy. When Danny continues to say that that girlfriend was someone else and how they wouldn't end up together, Mindy gets offended and leaves.

After the fire, Jeremy is sad about his play failing.Fr. Michael continues to stay at the apartment.

As Danny tries to get him to leave, Danny decides not to lie when Fr. Michael sees the sonogram on the computer. Fr. Michael tells Danny he can't be Catholic anymore. Mindy overhears and decides that their son will be raised Catholic and Fr. Michael will let Danny and Mindy stay in the church.

Mindy prepares for boredom by watching Jeremy's play.

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

To church? You killed someone, now I have to die of boredom.


Yes, biologically she is a boy, but who knows what she will identify with. I can still win.