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At the beginning of the episode, Mindy makes it her ultimate goal to try and leave a few things at Danny's apartment, but he won't let her. So, Mindy tries to hide it around his apartment and gets caught, leading to Danny to let her use a rolling suitcase to carry her things in. 

At Schulman & Associates, Mindy is interrupted in a presentation when a lawyer serves her with papers. Apparently, Mindy hasn't paid her taxes in a few years. To not ruin the practice, Mindy asks her ex-boyfriend, Cliff, for help with the paperwork. 

Still jilted by her cheating on him with Danny, Mindy has to lie to Cliff saying her and Danny broke up in order to get his help. With the help, Mindy pays back what she owes. Cliff invites her to dinner to try and get in her good graces, but instead reveals that Danny is still married.

Mindy confronts Danny, who says that the marriage is technically  not over. After an angry confrontation, Cliff offers to help Danny with his divorce, but for a price. His prized possession, a old Yankee Stadium seat. When the divorce is final, Cliff points out to Danny how much stuff Mindy had during their relationship, causing Danny to think about his own relationship with Mindy.

Elsewhere, Peter thinks that his relationship with Lauren is in great condition. However, Lauren decides she wants to end things. Peter, thinking it is because of Jeremy, reports him to immigration so he must go back to England. But when the plan backfires, Lauren says she wants to be with Jeremy, even though he doesn't have to leave

Danny finally gets Mindy her own drawer in his apartment for her to keep her things in.


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The INS got less interested when they found out I was rich and white


Did you know people are buying jeans with holes already ripped in them?