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When Mindy spends the night and Danny's, they start to argue over the ways they sleep. Danny accidentally kicks Mindy in the face. At work the next day, Mindy uses the injury to trick Danny into sleeping at her place.  

After not showing up to teach interns, Mindy meets with Dr. Fishman who tells her that she has not be complying with the teaching aspect of the hospital. 

Danny arrives for a night at Mindy's, when she bails on teaching the interns and has Tamra fill in. Dr. Fishman catches her and makes Mindy go to the hospital. When Mindy starts teaching, she gets annoyed by a cocky know-it-all intern, TJ. Mindy tries to mentor another intern, who is more soft spoken, Candace, but the cocky intern keeps getting in the way.

Dr. Fishman tells Mindy that TJ reported her for a sexist claim. Mindy has a heart to heart with TJ about how much he is like her. When Mindy tells TJ to talk to Candace, she kisses him. Candace is too boy struck to focus on the medicine. She criticizes Mindy and ends the mentorship. But, Dr. Fishman tells Mindy that she actually mentored TJ, which she didn't expect. 

Danny gets Mindy's apartment to himself and explores what he likes and doesn't like about her place. While looking around he comes across her diary and ends up reading it which includes entries about Danny. He gets more and more into the diary, but when Morgan shows up, Danny spills wine on the diary. Morgan tells Danny about Jeremy's ability to copy Mindy's handwriting and they try to enlist him to help with copying it. 

As Jeremy copies the diary, he, Morgan and Danny read an entry about Mindy thinking Danny was going to propose and doesn't. Mindy writes that if Danny doesn't propose by Christmas they she will have to break up with him. Danny tells his mother about the proposal. She tells him that if he doesn't think he's going to propose then they need to break up. 

Mindy calls and tells Danny that she's going home before the diary copy can be made. Danny tries to race home to get the diary there before Mindy does. He makes it. But when he arrives he is very nervous and makes references to Mindy's timeline. When Mindy asks him to stay he leaves, but noticeably comes back to stay.

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Do you think I would actually sign a petition to raise the minimum wage? What? So Morgan can eat caviar.


Me? I'd love to go to Dr. L's, I'll I get to do is go to her place every night for turn down service.