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As Mindy's fertility practice is beginning to open, Mindy gathers everyone from Shulman to the subway to show them the ad for her clinic.

Later at a meeting at Shulman, Mindy tries to talk up her clinic and invites everyone to a launch party.

Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly are trying to get the doctors to donate for a run to help feed themselves. Everyone agrees that the new doctor is not the best. Jeremy agrees to talk to him about the problems. At the hospital gym, Jeremy tries to talk to Dr. Bergdahl about the problems with the nurses. When Bergdahl confronts them he makes them angrier and they promise to quit if Jeremy doesn't handle it.

Mindy gets her first patient, an elderly woman who wants to get pregnant. Mindy thinks its a prank and kicks her out. A potential fertility patient and wants Danny to promote her practice her. Unfortunately, she does not want Mindy to be her doctor because of her lack of experience with fertility. Mindy is not happy that Danny did not promote the practice.

At the hospital gym, Jeremy tries to talk to Dr. Bergdahl about the problems with the nurses. When Bergdahl confronts them he makes them angrier and they promise to quit if Jeremy doesn't handle it.

Mindy is still depressed about her clinic. Morgan suggests his cousin, Lou, as a client. Lou almost walks out on appointment because of her lack of experience, but Mindy tells her that she got herself pregnant with fertility treatments, and he agrees to be a client. Morgan doesn't like that Mindy insinuated that Danny has issues with fertility.

Tamra, Morgan, and Beverly see Dr. Bergdahl sleeping in his car and want to convince Jeremy not to fire him after all. Morgan and co. talk to Jeremy about firing Dr. Bergdahl and they get mad. Jeremy lets them go hire Bergdahl back.

At the launch party, Lou talks to Danny about the infertility issue without him knowing. Mindy discovers that everyone thinks that Danny is infertile and feels guilty about lying. Danny gives a speech that makes it worse for the infertility lie that has spread about him. Eventually, Lou tells Danny about the lie, and he is not happy. Danny starts to make himself better by letting everyone the truth about his fertility.

Morgan breaks into Bergdahl's car and he tells them that he is living in his car because he and his wife are having issues. Bergdahl agrees that if Mindy lets him stay at her apartment, he will promote her practice. Mindy tries to apologize to Danny and he tells her fears about not spending enough time together. Mindy agrees that she is ready to move into Danny's apartment.

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Yeah. Do you even know what my job is? I mean, I definitely know it, I just want to hear someone else say it.


Your womb is a national treasure. If you could just tweet about my clinic.