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Mindy summons Danny to join him in the bath. Once they are in a compromising position, Danny's mother arrives. Mindy tries to hide from Annette in the bath, but Annette leaves they discover that she knew Mindy was in the bath the whole time. 

Mindy is not okay with Annette's lack of boundaries. Danny keeps trying to defend Annette.

Meanwhile, Tamra dumps Morgan and moves his stuff into Peter's office. Peter is not okay with this. Peter tries to set up an online dating profile so Morgan will get over Tamra. At the office, Peter unknowingly shows Mindy that Annette is one of Morgan's choices on his profile.

After Annette intercepts a text message from Mindy to Danny, she confides in Peter who suggests she finds a date for Annette. Mindy sets her up with an older doctor Jeremy is sucking up to for his patient list. Mindy dresses up Annette for the date without Danny knowing. Danny is not okay, but she goes on the date anyway. After the date, Mindy finds out that Annette really enjoyed it, however, she discovers that Dr. Ladroe never heard back from her. Annette tells Mindy that she enjoyed dating so much she joined an online site to date more. Mindy tries to talk her out of it by setting her up with Morgan to prove it is full of weirdos.

After Annette and Morgan's date, she tells Mindy that she wants to date him some more. Morgan starts to treat Danny like a father figure. Danny is not happy about him dating his mom. Danny invites Annette to dinner to talk some sense into her, but Morgan joins. 

Danny gets so frustrated with Morgan and Annette he pulls Annette out to try and talk to her. She tells Danny she has always wanted to date, but didn't because of Danny's disappointment with his father. 

Tamra starts to asks questions about Morgan's date and is jealous. Peter tells her to go win him back. Tamra shows up to get Morgan back, but he doesn't take her back after Mindy tells him there are plenty of women out there for him. Morgan leaves Peter's office, but Tamra has to move in with him now. 

At the hospital, Dr. Ladroe is now happy after Annette calls him back and decides not to retire, to Jeremy's disappointment. 

Danny and Mindy end the day in the bath and Dot and Annette show up again with food, luckily, this time they knocked. 

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

If finding a husband was that easy, I would not be here working. I would be married and in Connecticut. Wine drunk all day and working on my smug mom blog called "Diapers and Daydreams."


But remember, the bathroom door can't block God's eyes.