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Mindy has made new friends in California, but Danny hates California. California is starting to feel like home to Mindy. Rob wants to start a practice with Mindy and Danny in San Francisco. Mindy has to convince Danny to move to California in order for it to work. 

Lauren is moving to Texas and broke up with Jeremy because of complications in New York. Morgan tells Peter he knows about him kissing Lauren. 

When Mindy returns to New York for a visit, Danny shows her a place he bought for them. Mindy doesn't tell him about the practice. Danny shows her around the apartment that needs a lot of work. 

Mindy visits the practice, but does not have the welcoming she was hoping for. Peter tells Mindy about his almost relationship with Lauren. Mindy confides in Peter about the practice in California. 

Peter goes to Lauren at the airport and tells her he would move to California to be with her. Peter returns to quit the practice thanks to Mindy's advice. 

Danny is not happy about Peter leaving and makes it clear that he will not leave New York. She texts Rob about not joining the practice. Mindy throws Peter a going away party and hates that she can't tell Danny the news about the new practice. Jeremy and Danny feel guilty about not going to Peter's party and show up. Rob shows up in the middle of the party and thinks the party is for Mindy and Danny joining him in California. 

Danny thinks it is a bad idea, but Mindy tells everyone about how much she loves California. Danny is upset about the idea. Peter talks to Danny about moving to be with Mindy. Danny returns to Mindy's apartment, but they don't know how to fix the issue. 

Everyone says goodbye to Peter at the office. Mindy returns to California and gets a call from Peter saying that she is pregnant. 

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Fine. I'm wearing my bicycle helmet, in case there is an earthquake.


Not to brag, but I am straight up killing this bitch. The program, not the patient.