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While at Stanford, Mindy contemplates the issues of not having Danny around. When she realizes that many girls could be hitting on him in New York, she continuously calls him and has Morgan spy on him, until it is compromised.

Even though they are apart, Danny wants Mindy to still have fun in California. On her way out, Mindy hears someone crying and finds it is Danny's friend, Rob, sad over the break up with his wife. Mindy invites him to go to San Francisco and hang out. 

In New York, Morgan guilts Danny into hanging out. When Danny and Morgan hang out, Danny sees Lauren go into Peter's apartment. Morgan and Danny spy on Peter through a shared wall. They hear inappropriate sounds coming from the apartment, but it is actually Peter with Lauren's son. 

Rob is still depressed about his break up. Mindy wants to make him feel better. At the bar, Mindy runs into an attractive guy, who turns out to be Alex, the guy she lost her virginity to. Mindy recounts the story of meeting him college and how they lost their virginities to each other. Their encounter helped inspire Alex to create his popular internet idea. After catching up, Alex tells Mindy that he had emailed her to meet up. but she never got them. 

She finds out he had emailed her years ago, and had waited for her on a date in New York, but Mindy never got the email. When Alex leaves the table, Rob mentions how Danny has yet to be mentioned. Rob tricks Mindy by forwarding the email to Danny. Mindy calls Peter to help delete the email. Morgan calls Jeremy to come over. Peter comes over to delete the email and he tells them that he had been babysitting Lauren's son. Danny and Morgan realize the confusion, but Jeremy is already on his way to Danny's.

Danny tells Jeremy about they thought Lauren was cheating and it turns into a tale of Morgan cheating with Mindy. Peter tells Danny about the email.

Morgan keeps up the charade of sleeping with Mindy and Peter goes on with it. Jeremy and and Peter eventually leave. Turns out it was Morgan's birthday. Peter confronts Lauren about not getting anything about the relationship and kisses her. Morgan sees it as he leaves Danny's.

Alex asks if Mindy would go for a walk, but Rob causes trouble at the bar. Alex uses his martial arts skills to stop Rob. Mindy tells Alex that she has a boyfriend. Alex's girlfriend shows up and causes havoc with Mindy.

Danny asks Mindy about the email. When she tells the truth, Danny is fine with it.

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

We're out in San Francisco. The Windy City. You could meet the love of your life here. It is Sin City after all.


If it's out of the office, it's none of our business. Did I hear Beverly's voice come out of an Elmo in the middle of Times Square? Maybe. But, it's none of our business.