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The foursome at the police station decides to get the hell out of dodge.

When Adrian wonders where Connor is, we're moved to Connor who just smashed a moose.

Mrs. Raven wonders if the Police Chief is there because of her husband. As if the dude could be proactive.

The mall mamager is taking control in the mall, as any good mall manager would. Nice!! The kid from Continuum is in the mall.

The mall patrons are worried over Eric outside the mall alone, and all step up to help lock the doors, etc. They stand together in a crisis, which is far more impression than the actions of their police chief.

Natalie finally breaks down.

Cowgirl is looking drugs in the evidence locker because she's scared. She doesn't want Bryan to tell anyone because she's always the one left behind. It's an odd moment when she was very raw. Was it real?

While they're locking the mall doors, Eve and the compassionate townswoman notice a hallway filled with mist and a body.

There is a radio that was issued after 9/11 for situations such as this, but the radio is in the security office, which is in the admin wing where they found the mist.

The mall has everything, including dromes. Jay flies one down the misty hallway. In one of the offices, they find another body and a word in blood. The mall folks aren't sure what it says. Ammo? No. A R R and then something. Anna? ARRC is the closest we can come...

Mr. Mall decides to do a lottery to determine who will go down the hallway.

The foursome in the car are moving into the mist and it looks hellish. A man runs straight at them demanding help, or more appropriately, their car. Mia slams on the gas when the dude holds them at gunpoint and they go over. She's jonesing for drugs.

After the car goes over, the window cracks, and they're on their own.

Mia goes back for the guns. She sees her mother in the mist. She's much older than 62, easily in her 70s, possibly even 80. Yes, that stuff bugs me.

In the church, Connor is pissy about his prisoners being released. Really? What a jackass. He blames it on Connor, like any good Police Chief would.

Of course, the name pulled out of the bag by Mall Man is Eve's. Clint, the helpful fellow who knew about the radio, won't let her go alone. It seems he signed his death warrant.

Kevin and Natalie talk about her husband's death. Kevin tries to comfort her, but she's not really into God. All she knows is her husband is no longer here.

Clint has a gun. Eve wants to know who he is and why he has a gun. He starts brutalizing her, but I'm not worried because the mist.

Natalie wants to drink the church wine to the memory of Benedict. Everyone stands up for her and it is done.

Everyone goes to sleep for the night.

Bryan admits to Mia he saw the old lady outside, too.

Jay goes into the bathroom to wash his hands. There is no water, but something catches his eye. He looks behind him and notices two bodies hanging.

The Mist
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The Mist Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kevin: Adrian, are you OK?
Adrian: I'm fine. How's my hair?

Adrian: Where's Connor?
Kevin: He's gone. That asshole left us here.