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A group of new contestants is asked by the producers if they're the Mole. They all deny it and discuss how deceptive they can be to keep the secret.

The filming location for The Mole is Australia. The new host is Alex Wagner.

Alex Wagner explains the rules of the show (i.e., The Mole is a saboteur who's job is to lie and deceive so that they steal money from the group, the players must try to uncover The Mole, etc.). A montage is shown of future challenges.

The players are first tasked with trying to find a plane in the middle of the woods. Casey, a COVID nurse, meets up with Kesi, a software analyst, in the woods. Jacob, a firefighter, hears their voices in the woods and connects with them. Jacob admits he's never been outside of the U.S. He is from Ohio.

Osei, a real estate broker, doesn't like to be in nature. He finds the abandoned plane in the woods and meets Joi, a commercial pilot. She reveals she's part of a small group of black pilots (especially female pilots) in the world. Avori, a professional gamer, joins them at the plane.

Joi, Osei, and Avori search for a key to get into the plane. They discover some weird markings under the plane. Pranav, a law student, joins them at the plane and helps them search for a way into the plane.

Casey, Kesi, and Jacob meet up at the plane too. The remaining players like Dom, a warehouse worker, and Willaim, a brand manager, join the group at the abandoned plane. Greg, a marketing consultant, plays a triangle while the group searches.

Alex Wagner arrives at the plane and welcomes the group.

Alex starts the first mission: the group has to retrieve three pieces of cargo from the jungle. Each cargo is worth $5,000. One is high up on a tree, one buried in the sand, and one in the water. The group will have to get the cargo, bring it back, and protect it until morning.

William worries about going into the water to find cargo. Joi thinks she'll be chosen by the group since she has map-reading experience. Alex Wagner reminds the group that someone in the group is The Mole. She gives the group the key to the plane.

The group has one hour to get all the packages.

Group #1 (Tall) is William, Dom, Kesi, and Avori. Group #2 (Down Low) is Joi, Samara, Sandy, and Osei. Group #3 (Underwater) is Jacob, Greg, Pranav, and Casey. In confessional, Greg explains how each group was chosen and the benefits of each task; he thinks Group #3 is the most mole-ish.

The maps, timer, and supplies are in the plane. The groups split up; Pranav takes the map for his group. Joi takes the map and leads for her group.

Casey leads her group to head toward the river. For Group #2, Osei is suspicious of Joi because she could direct them in the wrong direction. For Group #3, William notices Dom was leading them in the wrong direction. William takes the map and gets them to the right location.

The "Tall" challenge has a bunch of wires where the group will have to climb up to rappel and get the cargo. In their supply, there is an advantage to helping them, but it will cost them $2,500 to use. The group declines the advantage.

Group #3 finds the water. Their advantage is water shoes, but the group holds off on opening it until they're sure they might need it. All four players head into the water and search for the package.

Jacob is suspicious of Greg because Greg keeps getting distracted and holds them back.

Group #2 keeps going in circles and can't find their cargo area. Osei is very suspicious of Joi because she can't figure out where they currently are.

Avori has experience with rock climbing; she teaches her group how to use the ropes to pull her up. Avori grabs onto the bag, but the bag has lots of knots keeping it together. Dom is suspicious of Avori because she's taking too long untangling the knots.

Back at Group #3, Greg is pushing the group to open up the advantage. Pranav is against the idea, but Casey agrees and they open up the advantage. The clue tells them how to break into the cargo but not where the cargo is.

Group #3 eventually finds the underwater cargo hidden under branches and a dam. Group #3 successfully retrieves their cargo from the water.

Group #1 lifts up Kesi to help Avori untangle the knots. Kesi and Avori successfully untangle the knots and retrieve the cargo.

Group #2 is searching the ground for the cargo. However, the show reveals that the group is in a completely wrong location. Sandy is suspicious of Osei since he's not searching as hard as everyone else.

Group #1 and Group #3 bring their cargo back to the plane. The time limit passes, so Group #2 fails the task. Osei doubts his entire group for their input.

Samara and William are both suspicious of Joi for getting lost, especially since she's a pilot. Group #1 and Group #3 are suspicious of Osei for not reading the red envelope clue in his bag to help his group.

Dom encourages the group to set up camp for the night. Greg is worried about protecting the cargo since The Mole still has an opportunity to still it.

Later at night, the group asks each other plenty of questions about themselves to get new information and clues. The group goes to sleep at night.

Dom discovers that The Mole has stolen one of the cargo pieces in the middle of the night. The Mole took Group #1's cargo, which earned the most money. The group searches the woods for the missing cargo; Greg stays behind to watch the cargo.

Joi is suspicious of William because everyone is listening to him and trusting him completely.

The helicopters arrive to take the players and cargo out of the jungle. The players are staying in a high-tech villa in the middle of the jungle.

The ground recounts to Alex Wagner what happened during their missions. Alex questions why Group #2 didn't find their package.

Alex shows late-night footage of someone stealing the cargo. In confessional, the cast discusses their suspicions of who could be The Mole.

The video footage shows William stealing the package from the plane.

William reveals he discovered a secret mission inside of the plane. If he successfully stole a case, he would double the value of the cargo. If he got caught, the cargo would be $0. Since he did well, the group's prize pot is now at $12,500.

Osei is very happy with William for doing it for the group. However, Samara and Joi cast doubt on him since he risked the cargo and the move could've been a way for the group not to think William is The Mole.

Alex Wagner tells the group that they'll have to complete the quiz. The quiz is full of questions about what The Mole did during the round's events. The player who gets the least right will be eliminated from the game.

The group discusses their theories and their fears of the quiz. Pranav plans to go with the majority of his answers so that he won't get eliminated.

Some of the quiz questions were: Is The Mole married? Did The Mole's group come back with the red case? What color shoes is The Mole wearing tonight? What is The Mole's eye color? Who is The Mole?

The elimination process will be done by Alex Wagner inputting the results into her computer. Each player has a personal mobile device in front of them. As Alex inputs their name into the computer, if that player's mobile screen turns green, it means they're safe. If the screen turns red, they're eliminated.

Greg's screen is green. They're safe.

Casey is safe.

Sandy is safe.

Jacob is safe.

Pranav is safe.

Kesi is safe.

Avori is safe.

Samara is safe.

Dom is safe.

Joi is next to view her phone. In confessional, she thinks William is The Mole, but she's unsure. The episode ends on a cliffhanger before the results are read.

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The Mole Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

[In confessional] I’m starting to get real suspicious because I’m like, “Yo, you a pilot! Why are we lost?” We’re in the middle of the jungle and Joi is supposed to be our Dora the Explorer. And we ain’t exploring nothing! Either she’s lying or she’s really The Mole.


[In confessional] I was definitely a little bit suspicious. Opening the envelope is something that The Mole would want because $2,500 less than $5,000 is still a success in the eyes of The Mole.