Shocking Lies - The Mole
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The episode picks up with Joi deciding debating taking the exemption and letting the bomb explode or her taking the money for the group pot.

Joi is stuck over what to do. William tries to dissuade her from taking the exemption.

Joi cuts the wire to stop the bomb. She earns $15,000 for the group pot. Alex Wagner blows up the bomb anyway for dramatic effect. In confessional, William is still suspicious of Joi.

The new group pot is $29,500.

It's time for the players to take the quiz. Some of the questions include: What team was The Mole in during the mission? Does The Mole have a garden in their home? How many ear piercings does The Mole have? Was The Mole sitting on a detonator? What was The Mole wearing during dinner tonight?

In confessionals, Avori is suspicious of Jacob. Jacob is suspicious of Joi. William has Joi at the top of his list.

Alex Wagner inputs the results into the laptop. The first name is Greg. Greg's phone turns green; he is safe.

Jacob is safe.

Avori is safe.

Pranav gets a red screen. He is eliminated and escorted from the barn. The group is blown away that Pranav got eliminated. In confessional, Greg is happy to see Pranav go since he was a frontrunner to get to the finals.

Avori is heartbroken over Pranav leaving; she blames herself for not sharing her information. Casey is suspicious of Avori, but Joy gives Avori a hug.

During the next day, Alex Wagner wakes everyone up in the middle of the night and drags them to their next location (Blue Mountains). Each player gets a dedicated backpack with their name on it.

For the next mission, the players have to carry their backpacks through the wilderness. Three of the backpacks have $10,000 each in them; the rest of the bags have nothing. There will be several points throughout the path where the players will get eliminated; if they get eliminated, their backpacks are gone. The Mole chose which three players got the money bags.

At the start of the path, the players have to eliminate two people. William thinks the money is in his backpack, but Casey thinks it's her and Joi since they're the smallest. Jacob wants to stay in the mission.

Kesi thinks they should eliminate one strong person and one weaker person; she recommends herself. Kesi and Greg are eliminated first. They're kept at basecamp and get to interact with the group to help make decisions.

Before the group starts the trek of Stage 1, the group has to vote someone out. Avori makes a case that William doesn't have money; he demands to stay in. The group overrules him and votes him out. William is suspicious of Casey when she offers to get eliminated instead of him.

The group rappels down the side of the cliffs.

For Stage 2, the group has to rappel up the side of another cliff. Avori calls for Casey, but she and Jacob are holding up time. Casey is looking out at the view.

The group makes it to Stage 3. They have to traverse across a chasm.

The group has to vote out one more person. Avori thinks Jacob, Joi thinks Avori, and Casey wants to vote herself out. The group votes Avori out.

Joi makes it across the rope first. Jacob flies through the rope quickly.

Even though Casey stalls at the beginning and slows down on the ropes, she makes it to the end on time.

Alex Wagner reveals Joi's bag; there was $10,000 inside. Jacob's bag had nothing. Casey's bag had $10,000.

Alex Wagner reveals the other players' bags. Avori and William didn't have the money. Kesi had the remaining $10,000.

The current group pot is $49,500.

Alex Wagner surprises the group with a twist: she takes them to an abandoned warehouse. She announces the next mission: the players will be chained together and they must decide every 10 minutes which player gets to unchain themselves. If all players unchain themselves, the group will get $20,000. However, if someone claims an exemption, the mission is lost and the remaining players chained up are left in the warehouse overnight.

The group debates who the most trustworthy person is to go first. They decide on Kesi. She takes the key and frees herself from the chain.

Kesi grabs the exemption. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

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The Mole Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

[In confessional] Pranav was somebody that everybody thought would make it to the very end of this game. But to be honest, I’m relieved. Having someone who is such a strong competitor out this early paves the way for my win.


[In confessional] My strategy moving forward is defense. Protecting my number one suspect of The Mole and making sure nobody has any chance with one-on-one time with them. Even if I have the money in my bag, that’s a sacrifice I have to make.