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The Muppets return to television in a documentary-style sitcom in the tradition of Modern Family and The Office. The gang is working together on Miss Piggy's late night show, for which Kermit is the executive producer and Fozzie is the emcee. Miss Piggy refuses to work with guest star Elizabeth Banks, and Kermit copes with the stress by leaning heavily on a food addction and his new girlfriend, Denise (also a pig).  Meanwhile, Fozzie Bear has found love with a human (Riki Lindhome), but faces the disapproval of her parents, who hold offensively stereotypical views about bears. Kermit initially tasks Tom Bergeron to fill in as the guest star, but then decides to take a stand against his domineering ex. In the end, Piggy relents to Elizabeth Banks' presence, and admits that she only objects because it reminded her of her painful breakup with Kermit.  Imagine Dragons appears as the musical guest, although when they ask Animal to join them on the road, we learn that he as achieved Keith Richards-levels of burnout.

The rest of the Muppets are also present and accounted for, including Sam The Eagle as the head of standards and practices, Scooter as an earnest PA, and Gonzo as the head writer.

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My life is a bacon-wrapped hell.


When your online profile says you're a 'passionate bear looking for love,' you get a lot of wrong responses.