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Athos wakes up tied to a chair, kidnapped by the tenants of his old estate, when he was the Comte de la Fere. They beg him to save them from his neighbor, who intends to starve them out and take their lands as his own.

Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan convince Treville that Athos' disappearance needs investigating. They ride out together for Pinon in search of their missing friend.

Renard, Athos' neighbor, seems shocked that he would ever renounce his title. He and his son, Edmund, plan to whip Athos as if he is a peasant, but the Musketeers arrive and scare them off. The kidnap the innkeeper's daughter, Jeanne. 

Athos returns to his old home, while Aramis and Porthos chase after Jeanne. He meets up with his brother's old fiancee, Catherine. 

Aramis and Porthos infiltrate Renard's hunting cabin, where he and his men are keeping Jeanne. They overhear their plans to rape her, and they sneak upstairs and free her. Athos returns to the village and tells them that he has pistols and gunpowder at the house, which they can use to fight against Renard's men.

Treville gives an inspiring speech to the villagers, and Athos promises them they can have his lands if they fight for them.

The next morning, The Musketeers hold a training camp on guns, swords, and fighting techniques, hopping to prepare the villagers for Renard's forces. Catherine shows up, and she misunderstands Athos' promise to sign the land over. She think he is giving it all to her instead of to the people

The battle for the village ensues. As Athos fights Edmund, Catherine intervenes, aiming a pistol at Athos. She fires, but hits Edmund instead. Renard surrenders after the death of his son. 

Catherine sets off for Paris, intent on killing Milady. 

The Musketeers
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The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Treville: All right, I'll ride with you. But not as your commanding officer.
D'Artagnan: Whatever you say, Captain.

Athos: A little battered, but just about serviceable.
D'Artagnan: You talking about yourself or that pistol?