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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 19, Laura and her team investigate the recent murder of a woman named Treva who was a teacher's aide. They bring in Treva's father who has nothing but good things to say about her and he doesn't know anyone who would want to hurt her. He tells Jake he was supposed to have dinner with Treva, but she canceled at the last minute.

As the team delves into Treva's personal life they find out she has a connection to a player in the NCAA tournament named Marco. When Meredith and Frankie go to bring Marco in for questioning, he tries to run off but is caught by Billy and Laura. In the interrogation room, Marco is forthcoming with information regarding Treva and says she was his best friend and she actually helped him get out of some bad situations. Unfortunately Marco doesn't have a alibi and Laura is forced to keep him in holding until they find the true killer. Later, Marco provides the team with another suspect, his girlfriend Sara.

Laura brings in Sara for questioning, but it becomes clear Sara had nothing to do with the murder and all signs point to her mom. When they bring her mom, Dawn, in for questioning it becomes clear she is the one who killed Treva. Dawn killed Treva because she felt like she was a threat to Sara and since Dawn is an overbearing/controlling mother, she wanted to make sure no one was in the way of Sara's future. 

Meanwhile, Laura finds out she isn't pregnant and when she tells Tony, he informs her he would be game to have a kid with her. 

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