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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 16, Laura and Billy investigate the recent murder of a woman named Emma who was a former beauty queen. When looking at the crime scene they ask about any suspects and find out her ex husband is on the scene, but he had no clue what happened to Emma. Laura goes to talk with him and when he turns around she discovers their main suspect is her ex fiance Andrew. 

At the station while interrogating Andrew he offers up an alibi which is quickly confirmed as being true. Throughout the interrogation Andrew flirts with Laura and Jake gets more and more upset and tries to take Laura off the case and instead give it to Frankie and Meredith. While Frankie and Meredith go through a list of suspects, Laura decides to do her own digging by going out on a date with Andrew and prying for more information. She finds out Andrew's alibi lied for him and he was in fact doing something else at the time of Emma's death. 

Jake is convinced Andrew is the killer and when Emma's sister Connie comes to the station and talks about how terrible Andrew is, Jake is convinced even more. Laura doesn't want to believe them and truly believes Andrew is telling the truth about not killing his ex wife, but things take a turn when they go investigate Andrew's boat and find a bloody knife on board with Emma's DNA on it. Laura is furious and when she goes to arrest him she mentions how it's bad luck to get married when it's raining, but Andrew tells her when he married Emma it was sunny and in South Beach which leads Laura to the real killer; Emma's sister Connie. Connie killed her sister because she would get all the money and possessions when she passed away.

The Mysteries of Laura
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The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Billy: Do you know this jackass?
Laura: I almost married this jackass.

Frankie: I just thought that if your family was super traditional, they don't know you're gay.
Max: Please! That closet door wide opened back when I demanded to be Mariah for Halloween three years running. No, No. My mom's dying to throw me a big fat gay wedding.