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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 10 Laura and Billy investigate the recent disappearnace of a prominent fertility Doctor. They go and talk to his wife which leads them to a race track were they find the Doctor but unfortunately he has already been murdered.

Laura and Billy go through the Doctor's dirty laundry and find out that he has been swindling couples out of thousands of dollars by pretending that they were pregnant, but than telling them that they lost the baby thus starting the fertility process over again. Billy and Laura put together a list of suspects from the women that have all gone to the Doctor and each other cannot contain their love of the Doctor. 

When they feel like the case is going cold they strike gold when they go to interview a woman who has miscarried three times with the Doctor. While interviewing the woman they find out that she is "pregnant" again and that she has nothing but nice things to say about the Doctor. Billy and Laura are about to leave until Laura gets an idea that maybe the husband of the woman had something to do with the murder. 

They go and see the husband up on the roof and at first he denies his involvement, but with some coaxing from Laura he comes clean about the murder. 

The Mysteries of Laura
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Damn you're good!


They're staging a sit-in, Dr. King style.