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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 6 we delve into the world of fashion when a promising fashion intern, Tyler Cole, is murdered while walking the dog of big time fashion designer Tom Burke. Billy and Laura first suspect Tom of being behind the murder but he is quickly deemed not a suspect when they find out that he has been working overtime in preparing for New York Fashion Week. When Tom is getting ready to leave, Laura realizes that he is dressing exactly how Tyler was dressed when he was gunned down leading her to believe that the shooter was originally after Tom and Tyler was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

This leads Laura and Billy to a model that has some nasty things to say about Tom, about him being a terrible boss and that he was way too controlling. She is quickly taken off the suspect pool when her Fitbit shows that she was sleeping when Tyler was shot; though she does give them a clue to check out a photographer, Alison, that had a relationship with Tom. Alison denies having anything to do with wanting to kill Tom and her bodyguard starts to run away when Billy and Jake tackle him and put him custody. Tom lets them know that he does not think that Alison is capable of killing him. Tom invites Laura and Billy to accompany him to a fashion party where there will be a ton of suspects. 

At the party, Laura meets a woman that is a rather great expert on Tom's work. She tries to get her talking and tries to find out more information on Tom and his relationships. The woman talks about how Tom is always wanting more and that he is extremely greedy. Tom wants to go and get some air and while outside he talks about Tyler and how he would be at the party right now if he did not offer to take his dog out for a walk. Tom is then shot in the back and Laura and Billy jump into action. 

Laura gets an idea that there may a counterfeit ring that is trying to kill Tom because he is so against counterfeiting and has been trying to shut them down for a long time. Meredith and Billy go "shopping" on Canal Street and ask a counterfeiter who is supplier is. They go to the shop and investigate, they then decide to go back later to do more investigation. Jake and Billy confront Tom about the handbag that has recently been counterfeited and they reveal to Tom that Tyler got into the wrong crowd and joined a group of counterfeiters. They go to raid the shop but they are too late and the shop is now empty.

Laura and Billy go to investigate the woman that she met at the party, Gabriela, is top on their list of suspects. Immediately, Laura gets suspicious of Gabriela when she starts to stress eat. They immediately see the leader of the ring and they get the man and Gabriela in custody but they lawyer up before they can find anything out. Laura and Billy go to Tyler's apartment and find out that Tyler was having second thoughts about betraying Tom and that if Gabriela found out what was going on, that gives her reason to kill Tyler. 

At Tom's show, Laura confronts him backstage and starts to taunt him. Laura tells him that they have figured out that the counterfeiter is actually Tom and not Tyler and that Tyler was about to expose him. Laura lets Tom know that he is the one that tipped off the counterfeiters and that he stole the design from Tyler. She then proceeds to arrest Tom while he is walking down his runway. 

Meanwhile, Jake starts investigating the budget and tries to figure out why Max is not listed anywhere. Max tries to avoid Jake but he willingly empties his desk when he is summoned by Jake. Max has a meeting with Jake, at Laura's house, and confronts Max on what is going on and why the station thinks he does not exist. We find out that Max was "hired" as an unpaid intern by Laura. Laura talks to Jake and pleads her case for Max and tells him that Max came in when they were at a pay freeze and that he did such a great job at certain tasks that she gave him, that she let him stay. Jake decides to keep around Max and puts him on the payroll. 

The Mysteries of Laura
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