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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 6, Jake is determined to get back Laura and tries to get her to go to dinner with him. Laura, instead, makes a deal with him and lets him know the only way she'll go to dinner with him is if he goes to get a second opinion on his heart condition and Laura tells Jake about a doctor her father recommends which angers Jake because he didn't want anyone else to know. Later at the bar, Jake agrees to get a second opinion on his condition and asks Laura for the doctors number which she gladly hands over. Jake informs her now that he has agreed to a second opinion she now owes him a date, but she adds another stipulation to the agreement and tells him he needs to get a doctors note before she agrees to dinner.

Moving on to another couple, Billy is surprised to learn everyone knows about him and Meredith being a couple. Billy thinks it's time for Meredith to meet his mother, but Jake tries to convince Billy to not get the families involved yet. Billy's mom eventually shows up at the station and she instantly knows who Meredith is, but respects  Billy's wishes of not introducing herself to Meredith. At the bar, Billy convinces Meredith it's time they move their relationship to the next level and he sees nothing wrong with getting their families involved and Meredith gets on board.

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The Mysteries of Laura
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Why do men insist on carrying big ass keys in their pockets?


Next time you take a swing at a cop, don't miss.