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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 1, Jake makes a triumphant returned to the prescient, but runs into a few roadblocks when he meets Captain Santini who has taken over his position while he was on medical leave. Unfortunately, there are some loopholes that the new captain takes advantages of and she informs Jake he was never promised the captain position at his old prescient when he got off medical leave and would need to start looking for a new place work. Instead of getting angry over leaving, Jake decides to demote himself to senior detective so he can stay at his prescient.

Meanwhile, the case of the week revolved around a young boy named Theo who was abducted in front of his house. The team has to work against the clock to find him when his parents reveal he could go into a diabetic coma if he doesn't get his medicine in time. As they investigate more into the families past, Laura figures out that Theo's sister was a former drug addict and Laura asks her what she said during group sessions to see if the sister ever mentioned her family having money. Theo's sister realizes it may be her fault Theo was taken because of the people who were in the group, but Laura is able to get the information she needed to find exactly where Theo was being held. It turns out Theo was abducted by drug addicts and was being held at a druggie handout. The team is able to get to Theo in time and reunite him with his family. 

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