On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 8, the team is targeted while they are investigating the death of an undercover cop after being exposed.

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When you watch The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 8 online you'll see how important it is to not lose your sense of reality and get stuck in the internet. Laura and the team are surprised to learn there's someone out there who is revealing the identities of undercover cops after one is murdered. The team does some digging and finds out the person responsible is actually a hacker who has found his way into the stations computers. While trying to do some investigating, the hacker gets into the teams computers and threatens them to stop looking or else they are next. Of course the team continues to investigate the case, but they do it at a secure location. When Meredith and Billy do some digging they find out the hacker is a sci-fi nerd and are able to track down his various user names which links him to a message board where it's clear he's an internet troll. Laura and Jake are able to find a picture of the hacker and are able to track him down to the college he goes to. In the end, the man turns out to be a regular college student who was angry when the cop tracked him down after the hacker made rude comments about the cops sister on the internet. He tried to stand behind freedom of speech as his excuse, but Jake reminded him that there is no excuse for being cruel and getting people murdered. Don't feel bad if you missed you! You can watch The Mysteries of Laura online via TV Fanatic and catch up on all the episodes you missed.

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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 8, the team is targeted when they investigate an undercover cop who is killed after being exposed.

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