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-After the power outage is over, The Newsroom team performs the mock debate but the Republican National Committee won't allow their candidates to be questioned that way. The Republican representative says he'll only let ACN have the debate if it's in the old format and if MacKenzie isn't the executive producer. Will turns him down.

-Maggie convinces Lisa to come on the air and talk about how she went to high school with Casey Anthony. In the interview Lisa brings up her views about abortion which earns her death threats.

-Jim finally decides to tell Maggie how he feels but is sidetracked when Lisa changes her mind and agrees to a date with him.

-When Don receives flowers at work from another woman, he comes clean with Maggie and tells her he's dated other women during the times they've briefly broken up.

-Charlie's mole may not be as strong a source as they had hoped.

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The Newsroom Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

God, please show me a sign that I'm not doing a big thing badly.


MacKenzie: When should I start to worry.
Maggie: I'd have started already.