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-Will mixes anti-depressants and pain pills and ends up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer after Mac's ex writes a scathing article about him in the New Yorker.

-Will considers quitting the newscast but comes back once he realizes that Leona's son has hacked MacKenzie's phone and stolen the voicemail message he left her admitting he was high and confessing his feelings to her.

-Charlie's source, Solomon commits suicide after Charlie says he can't use his information.  But later, when Leona tries to fire Will, Charlie uses the info to get Reese to confess his part in the hacking scandal.  Will and MacKenzie keep their jobs.

-Sloan tells Don she has feelings for him but he plans to ask Maggie to move in with him.

-Jim overhears Maggie admit she has feelings for him and they kiss but when Maggie goes to break up with Don, he asks her to move in and she accepts.  Jim goes back to Lisa.

-Will refuses to tell MacKenzie what was on the message he left for her.  MacKenzie and Will hire the sorority girl that Will berated as Northwestern as an intern.

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

It was a hatchet job from my idiot ex-boyfriend.


Mac: I've been waiting two days to hit you.
Will: I appreciate your patience.