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-Jerry's lawsuit will get filed in the morning and Charlie begs Leona to change her mind.


-Will, Sloan, Elliot, and Taylor cover election night. Jim accidentally calls a close race in Michigan but is too scared to retract it. 


-Don finds out Jerry Dantana has filed an additional suit against him for $20 million for giving him a bad recommendation on a job.


-Mac begs Will to fire her. When he refuses she drags their personal history into it and pushes all of his buttons. He eventually fires her but tells her not to tell anyone until the election night coverage is over.


-Sloan is upset that her signature was forged in a book that was auctioned off and sends Neal to track down the person who won the auction.

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Will: It was a great story.
Rebecca: If only it had been true.

Hallie: You believe I would violate our trust for a story.
Jim: I believe you'd sell me into slavery for a story.