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-The DC bureau makes it clear that they are after Will and Mac's jobs should they resign or be fired. 


-Leona puts the decision in Reese's hands. He says he's taking the high ground and won't accept their resignations. Charlie tells him he can accept them because he's rescinding them first.


-Will tells Mac that the engagement ring was a joke and he returned it the next day. She's crushed. Later Will realizes that he's been a fool and for all Mac did wrong, she did a lot right. He proposes, with the ring he never returned. She accepts.


-Sloan finds out Don is the one who anonymously bought her book at auction. She signs the book and then kisses him in front of the control room.


-Jim and Neal ask Hallie to run a story on her blog so that Neal can get Mac's wikipedia page updated. She does it as a thank you to Jim for giving her the Romney interview.


-Jim runs into Lisa and realizes she knows nothing about Maggie's African adventure. He begs her to ask Maggie about it when he realizes Maggie cut her own hair. 


-Maggie tells Jim the first time she noticed him was because he opened a Yellow News Alert that no one else was interested in. He couldn't help himself. At the end of the night, she does the same thing.


-Will and Mac announce their engagement to all. The entire newsroom celebrates.

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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Our lack of credibly is immune to demographics. The op-eds won't stop. They're getting worse and I'm concerned this is finally what's going to kill Charlie Skinner.


I'm agreeing. Do I have to be happy about it?