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-Charlie meets with an old friend and military contact who in a round about way, confirms the Genoa story off the record.


-Will's father has a heart attack and dies. Will finds out while he's on the air. 


-A reporter from The Post slams Will on twitter as being anti-women because he snubbed her at a restaurant.


-Nude photos are posted of Sloan that her ex-boyfriend took of her. She's devastated. Don tries to console her but asks her why she picks such lousy men. Later she finds her ex and breaks his nose.


-During a bombing in Syria, a couple calls claiming the husband is buried under the rubble of a building but Jim and Mac realize it's all a hoax before they put him on the air.


-Maggie edits the George Zimmerman 911 call leaving out that the dispatcher asked Zimmerman what was the race of the person he was following. Jim questions Maggie's competence and tells her he knows she's been drinking.


The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Will: A woman says I snubbed her in a restaurant.
Mac: Should we try to get that into the D-block?

Jim: You want to let me do some good?
Mac: Just be right.