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-The Red Team of Don, Jim, and Sloan are brought in on Operation Genoa and are skeptical. 


-Charlie and Mac track down a retired USMC General with information about Operation Genoa. He agrees to an interview with Jerry.  When the General doesn't exactly confirm Genoa, Jerry edits the interview to make it appear that he has.


-Don is upset that Sloan is on a date with a professional football player. Mac presses him to just ask Sloan out.


-Jim and Hallie plan a big date while she's in town for one night but everything goes wrong and the date gets cut short.


-Jim spies Maggie in a hotel bar and questions her about her drinking. She says she's fine before leaving for the night with the bartender.


-Will is worried about his focus group numbers. Nina convinces him to go on the morning show to improve his image. The show is a disaster and Will and Nina break up.


The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

If we broke one of God's rules it might be best just to shut up about it.


To not go would have been to participate in the biggest coverup since...these were war crimes!