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-Operation Genoa airs and quickly begins to fall apart. 


-Mac notices the shot clock on the basketball footage of the General's interview and fires Jerry, who later sues for wrongful termination because the story was an "institutional failure."


-Gunnery Sgt. Eric Sweeney admits he suffered from a traumatic brain injury which may cause memory issues making his retelling of events questionable. 


-Mac believes she may have unintentionally led the interview with Valenzuela when she realizes he only confirmed what she told him Sweeney had said. 


-Charlie and Will were unaware that they shared the same confidential source, who later admits to Charlie that he fed him wrong information as revenge for firing his son who had a drug problem and died shortly thereafter. 


-Will, Charlie, and Mac offer their resignations but Leona won't accept them. She plans to fight Jerry's lawsuit and tells her team to get the public's trust back.

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

If he doused the studio in kerosene and lit a tikki torch it wouldn't have done as much damage as Genoa so where is the complexity? Where is the nuance?


You can't be stupid and afford haircuts this good. I need you to tell me this is exactly as insane as it is.