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-Maggie is questioned by ACN attorney Rebecca about her state of mind after her African trip.


-The orphanage Maggie was reporting on was attacked because raiders wanted their camera equipment. A little boy named Daniel who Maggie got close to was killed in the shooting. Daniel was fascinated by her blonde hair.


-Will interviews Shelly from the Occupy Wall Street movement and makes her look foolish when she's unprepared for his questions. 


-Angry, Shelly refuses to tell Neal where to find a source that Neal suspects might know something about Genoa but the ACN team track him down anyway.


-Mac keeps Wil and Sloan in the dark on Genoa so they can be The Red Team, a second group that can review the story with clear eyes before it airs.


-Jim finally gets his 30 minutes with Romney only to give it away to Hailey when he finds out her boss is an ass. Mac is furious as is Hailey at first. Later, once she's calmed down, Hailey is grateful and she and Jim have a fling.

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Which system would you replace Capitalism with?


Rebecca: That's a sad project when you think about.
Maggie: Yeah, I could fall apart any second.