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Reese and Leona plan to sell off ACN to raise the money to save the rest of their company. The buyer is a Mr. Pruitt who much to Charlie's dismay wants to turn it into crowd sourced news with 500 channels.

Maggie sets up an interview for the EPA administrator with Will but the administrator tells Will there's absolutely no hope of survival and that the planet will see catastrophic failure within the next 100 years. 

Hallie is offered a job at an online news site and Jim is horrified that her bonus structure is based on page views. He infers that he thinks she only got the job because she knows things about ACN she might share. Hallie is furious. 

A meeting is scheduled for Mac, Will, Charlie and Rebecca at Main Justice in Washington DC. Mac gets word to Neal through his friends that he should be there and that he will have immunity for the meeting. 

Neal doesn't show. The Assistant Attorney General to Homeland Security says that they have proof that Neal took a flight from Calgary to Venezuela where there is no extradition treaty with the US. They play hardball to get Will to give up the name of the informant but Will refuses. 

Later, at the Correspondence Dinner, the informant, Lilly, comes to Mac and tells her that if ACN won't release the story in 96 hours she will dump all 27,000 documents online. 

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

They had a solid warrant and a solid reason for seeking it. I'm not at all convinced we're the good guys.


How have neither of you in all this time absorbed any of the technology involved in broadcasting the news that you know, do?