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Rebecca Halliday is called in to consult with Neal. She says he can be charged with espionage. Mac's source at the FBI says, speaking in hypotheticals,  they've never charged a reporter with espionage. It will most likely be a charge of contempt of court if he won't turn over his source. A charge that usually gets 10 days but may get up to six months. 

Will refuses to do the story. Mac thinks they should run with it. Neal takes it out of their hands and makes a phone call to verify the information which is the trigger for the FBI to end up at ACN with warrants and prepared to arrest Neal on charges of espionage if he doesn't give up his source. Mac's source tells her that the leak is dangerous and this is more serious than their conversation led her to believe. 

Will gets a message to Neal to run.

Don uses a stock tip from Sloan to buy stock hours before her on air prediction. This leads to a conversation about their relationship. Are they friends with benefits or a couple. Both of them freak out over being a couple but they obviously have feelings for one another. 

Hallie posted a tweet at 2am after the Boston Marathon bombing on the ACN account. It read, "Republicans rejoice that there's finally a national tragedy that doesn't involve guns." She deleted it 27 minutes later but it still makes news. Charlie fires her.

Maggie overhears a Deputy Assistant Richard Westbrook from the EPA on a phone call while on a train. He says some unflattering things about the president. At first, Maggie plans to use the story but then backs off, not liking how she went about overhearing his private conversation. Westbrook is grateful and offers her an exclusive an on-the-record interview. Maggie also makes friends with a handsome ethics professor who overhears it all on the train.

Leona Lansing decides to buy out Blair and Randy and keep control of the company. The rub, she must come up with $4 billion in ten days. 

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Neither the first nor any other amendment protects you when you conspire to commit treason.


Blair: Reese, you're a douche.
Resse: Yes I am but I'm a douche on the side of the angels.