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Mac tells Will she's pregnant seven weeks pregnant at the funeral. He's thrilled and remembers Charlie telling him that being a father lives up to the hype. Will inadvertently ends up telling some members of the crew and the news spreads quickly.  Will tells people to slap him if they see him smoking again. He needs to stay alive for Mac and his child. 

Everyone remembers their early days with Charlie. He pushed Will to do a better news show. He tracked down Mac in a bowling alley to convince her to come to ACN. 

Leona has a long conversation with Pruitt about his PR issues concerning women. He pays women less and he hires young models to attend his parties. She uses it as leverage to get him to hire MacKenzie McHale to be the new President of ACN.

Jim recommends Maggie for a field producer job in Washington D.C. She's thrilled with the job offer but is worried it means he's taking their relationship a lot less casually than she it. Maggie confides in Sloan who gets them to confront the issue. 

Mac asks Jim to be the new executive producer of News Night. Don was offered the job first but he turned it down. He thinks he's on to something in the 10 o'clock hour. 

Jim tells Maggie to forget the D.C job and be a senior producer for him on News Night. Instead she turns him down. She really wants to be a field producer in D.C. They decide to have a long distance relationship. Jim's never had one work before and Maggie asks why this will be different. He tells her it's because he wasn't in love with the others. 



The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Charlie: Have you ever thought about having kids?
Will: Are we adopting?
Charlie: Adopting, abducting, meeting someone, getting married. Whatever it takes.

Neal: I'm just trying to protect the integrity of the website.
Will: It's a website. It doesn't have integrity.